We're Extending the Reach of Mental Healthcare

The App4Independence (A4i) is an evidence-based peer-to-peer digital therapeutic mobile app with a care coordination portal that supports people living with schizophrenia and other psychoses.

The mental health landscape is in the middle of an awakening. With a focus on inclusion, support and healing, A4i has tremendous possibilities to improve the lives of millions of people living with complex mental health challenges while reducing their strain on the healthcare system. 

Our Mission is to extend care beyond the walls of the current mental health continuum, extend support, reduce isolation and provide insights on the risk of relapse. We help address key barriers to illness self-management and treatment engagement using an evidence-informed and empathy-based adaptive digital health intervention. A4i will help patients, families, and providers, as we improve outcomes and the bottom line.
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Excellence in mental healthcare, machine learning and digital engagement.


Improve Support

We harness user-generated objective and subjective markers surrounding sleep, physical activity, and app usage in order to better understand the health of individuals with schizophrenia and to share their progress with providers.

Reduce Isolation

Peer-to-peer anonymized feedback is combined with evidence-based intervention content to support, inform and create a cohesive digital experience combined with features for care coordination and medication adherence.

Predictive Insights

Extensive experience in the power of machine intelligence allows us to learn, build the features and predictive models related to subjective and objective predictors in changes in health status and outcomes.

Digital Phenotyping

Evidence based strategies enhance wellness and coping through content personalization

Risk Identification

Personalized tools include goal tracking, ambient noise detection and short patient diaries for clinician review

Care Provider Dashboard

Clinician tools for virtual care and home monitoring to facilitate higher levels of care coordination accessible through an intuitive dashboard layout

Precision Content

Curated CBT-based content to address 4 main topics: living with schizophrenia, social activation, stress and anxiety, motivation and cognition

Increased Engagement

Using personalized prompts, lead-ins and scheduling of activities to increase socialization and community participation

Curated Newsfeed

Provides an anonymous peer-to-peer support platform and opportunity to safely connect with others

Sound Detection/Hallucination Coaching

Ambient noise detection for assessing the validity of auditory hallucinations coupled with hallucination detection strategies that help you learn to cope with your hallucinations.


Why A4i

Effective care engagement is routinely challenged by brief, infrequent clinical contacts, heavy cognitive demands, illness complexity, medication non-adherence, anxiety, non-adherence to care-related plans, and system constraints.
Current provider constraints limit many aspects of the clinical interaction, including risk identification and care planning, which can leave patients feeling disempowered and disengaged from the treatment process. Provider-patient interactions are extremely important to clinical outcomes and, as such, are a domain where small improvements can lead to large benefits.

A4i Addresses:

  • Social Isolation – negative feelings can result in withdrawal from activities and avoidance of the outside world
  • Low Self-Management – limited community-based supports and dissatisfaction with the standard care is common
  • Non-Adherence – medication and engagement adherence is only about 50% among people with schizophrenia


“Our limitations in better supporting people with illness self-management and challenged treatment engagement, with medications and otherwise, frequently lead to a rapid deterioration in mental health and major setbacks including hospitalizations. Our current efforts, from services to systems, are not enough.” – Dr. Sean Kidd, Associate Professor University of Toronto Department of Psychiatry, Clinical Associate Yale Department of Psychiatry. Chief Psychology Division, CAMH.




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  • the app supports my wellbeing, helps me have peace of mind
    and staying on track to be well

  • my favorite features of the app were the feed because I like to read and share and the other is 'notes to my doc' which is very helpful - enjoyed how many likes they got on postings

  • pill reminders and voice recorder - helped sort out what I was
    hearing was hallucination vs real

  • This app can change lives!

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A4i is a collaborative venture between CAMH Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Canada’s largest mental health teaching hospital, and research centre MEMOTEXT Corp, North America’s leader in machine learning and evidence-based development of precision digital patient engagement.
The digital/clinical team at A4i brings together an optimal skill set for developing and commercializing an industry-leading behavioural health technology in the mental health space. A4i’s robust and proprietary set of technology, with clinically specific IP and significant market access through commercial and clinical collaborative opportunities, is unique as it was designed with both clinical and digital health commercialization expertise from its collaborative parties. 
Our team leverages proven expertise in clinical and digital health to co-commercialize a digital therapeutic intervention to improve the lives of individuals with schizophrenia and other psychoses.



UPCOMING: multi-site provider validation and RCT Initiation
A4i selected to lead Panel Discussion at 2018 BIO International Convention
Named 1 of 10 companies changing healthcare by Scientific American
Multi-cohort feasibility testing completed in Q1'18 on Android and iOS platforms
Evidence-informed prototype validated with patients, families and clinicians
JLabs 2016 Quickfire Challenge Winner

Our Team

Dr. Sean Kidd

Dr. Sean Kidd

Chief Scientific Officer
    Amos Adler

    Amos Adler

    Chief Executive Officer
    Dr. Klara Vichnevetski

    Dr. Klara Vichnevetski

    Industry Partnerships
    Konrad Powell Jones

    Konrad Powell Jones

    Commercialization Consultant
    Linda Kaleis

    Linda Kaleis

    Lead Data Scientist
    Jesse Bigelow

    Jesse Bigelow

    Peer Support Specialist

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