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Spotlight: Meet the people behind our Help@Hand Pilot

The Help@Hand team includes peer support specialists and clinical therapists. The Peer Team has led the implementation and management of the A4i platform.

The peer team has steadfastly supported A4i consumers who struggle with symptoms of schizophrenia through the onboarding process of consumers, the daily monitoring of consumers’ postings and providing wellness checks. The peer team has also facilitated scheduling consumers’ evaluations, issuing incentives to consumers, and the completion celebrations recognizing consumers who’ve completed the pilot.

Furthermore, the clinical team has supported the success of the A4i pilot through the onboarding of care team providers and collaborating with providers to support their consumers between session appointments. Newsfeed and monitoring of consumers’ posting during weekends and Holidays has been managed by the Help@Hand Program Manager and at-risk posts are passed on to the clinical team for case management. Testimonies of recovery and gratitude have been made by consumers because of the consistent and tremendous support they received from the Help@Hand team.

In recognition and gratitude for their tremendous service, A4i is awarding Care Team Champion Certificates to the Help@Hand peer team, clinical team and care team.

Meet our Peer and Clinical Team

Christopher Galindo
Certified Medical Peer Support Specialist

Gail Leavitt
MH Peer Support Specialist

Marisela Gil
MH Peer Support Specialist

Victoria Rodriguez
MH Peer Support Specialist

Melissa Vasquez
Senior Certified Medi-cal Peer Support Specialist

Maria Moreno
MH Services Program Manager

Kayla Henry
Clinical Therapist

Josephine Perez
Senior Clinical Therapist

Carmela Gonzalez-Soto
Peer Support Specialist

Maria Teresa Diaz-Rodarte
Peer Support Specialist

Rhonda Taiwo
Former Peer Support Specialist

Meet our Care Team

Pauline Youlin-Bartlett
Senior Clinical Therapist

W. Eddie Brown Clinical Therapist
Richard Yarbrough Peer Support Specialist
Diana Rodriguez Behavioral Health Specialist
Caitlin McDermott Clinical Therapist
Audrey Hernandez Clinical Therapist

Meet our entire Help@Hand team that has worked tirelessy to facilitate and support A4i here